TSMEC Unité de Moteur de Conversion de Vapeur et d'énergie, Contrôlée par Ordinateur (PC)


Description Générale

The process starts when water is impelled by a computer controlled pump from a storage tank to a computer controlled water boiler, where it is transformed into steam. The boiler is made up of heating elements, whose power is measured and controlled, and includes all the safety measures required for a safe operation, such as safety valve and level switch.

When the generated steam reaches the working conditions, it is expanded in a two cylinder steam motor, generating electrical power, which is measured.

Steam is condensed at the outlet of the motor using a water flow in a heat exchanger. Condensate is collected in a measuring tank and goes to the storage tank again.

The unit includes a band-brake dynamometer to exert torque. This brake is jointly connected to the shaft of the motor, transferring the torque and power and allowing for measuring the speed, torque and power of the motor.

A throttling calorimeter to measure the dryness fraction of the steam is included.

The unit includes all the instrumentation required to measure temperatures, pressures and flows of the key points to analyze the Rankine cycle: steam condensate flow, inlet and outlet pressure of the boiler and motor water and temperature measurement in the key points.

Des exercices et pratiques guidées


  1. Rankine cycle analysis.
  2. Determination of energy balances in the evaporator and condenser.
  3. Study of the influence of steam flow and the temperatures in the generation of electrical power.
  4. Study of the thermodynamic laws of conservation of energy.
  5. Determination of the thermal efficiency of the steam plant.
  6. Demonstration of the steam pressure-temperature relationship (Marcet Boiler).
  7. Study of the Willans line.
  8. Study of the first and second laws of thermodynamics.
  9. Sensors calibration.


  1. Many students view results simultaneously. To view all results in real time in the classroom by means of a projector or an electronic whiteboard.
  2. Open Control, Multicontrol and Real Time Control. This unit allows intrinsically and/or extrinsically to change the span, gains, proportional, integral, derivative parameters, etc, in real time.
  3. The Computer Control System with SCADA and PID Control allow a real industrial simulation.
  4. This unit is totally safe as uses mechanical, electrical and electronic, and software safety devices.
  5. This unit can be used for doing applied research.
  6. This unit can be used for giving training courses to Industries even to other Technical Education Institutions.
  7. Control of the TSMEC unit process through the control interface box without the computer.
  8. Visualization of all the sensors values used in the TSMEC unit process.
  9. By using PLC-PI additional 19 more exercises can be done.
  10. Several other exercises can be done and designed by the user.


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