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Identity of the data controller

EDIBON. C/ del Agua 14, Polígono San José de Valderas, Leganés 28918, Madrid, Spain.

Company tax code: A84306257.

Registered in Madrid Mercantile Register, Volume 21.519, Book 0, Sheet 1, Section 8, Page M-382800.

In accordance with the data protection legislation, and any other relevant and current applicable legislation, the user is informed that the personal data provided, where appropriate, will be included in an automatic file, which will be used only for the purposes described in the corresponding offer, form, contract or pre-contract.

Service provider and customer data

If you have provided your data as a contact person of a client or supplier company or as an individual entrepreneur, either as a customer or as a supplier of EDIBON, we inform you that EDIBON will use the data exclusively for the maintenance of the contractual relationship and will not transfer them to third parties. The data provided will be kept as long as the contractual relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. In addition, we inform you that as a customer or supplier of EDIBON, EDIBON may send you commercial information through the means you have provided, including email, based on the legitimate interest regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation.

We also inform you that EDIBON may use your personal data for training and parameterization purposes, when the service provided to the customer so requires.

Candidate data

If you have provided EDIBON with your data as a potential candidate to join our company, we inform you that EDIBON will use your data exclusively to manage your application for the vacancies that may exist and will not transfer them to third parties. The data provided will be kept for a maximum period of two years. The legitimate basis is your consent to send your curriculum.

Marketing and commercial mailing

We inform you that EDIBON uses the contact data of client companies to send information that may be considered of commercial nature. In this sense, the recipients of the information can be customers, potential customers previously contacted by EDIBON, people who contact EDIBON through the contact form, as well as people registered on the website. In addition, on the website of EDIBON, there is a specific form to sign up for newsletters. If a data subject is receiving this type of information, that person will meet one of the assumptions listed. We understand that the information submitted by us may be of interest to the recipient, being always related to the products or services of EDIBON in which the data subject has shown some interest.

The legal basis for the lawfulness in the processing of data for this purpose is just the legitimate interest of EDIBON. This legitimate interest is balanced, since you are informed at all times of the possibility of unsubscribing from these mails, as the contact details belong to legal entities. Therefore, the purpose pursued by EDIBON will always be business, since we always submit information related to EDIBON products and services in which the data subject had interest.

You can oppose the processing of data with the mentioned purposes at any time by sending an email to [email protected].

EDIBON will keep your data for the duration of the business or contractual relationship with you, as long as you do not communicate to EDIBON that you do not wish to receive commercial information.

Website contact and registration forms

The personal data provided in the existing forms will be used to solve the questions raised in the form itself and will not be transferred to third parties, unless your query requires such communication and exclusively for that purpose.

The legitimate basis for processing is your consent by completing the form.

In addition, we inform you that EDIBON will keep your personal data as long as you do not object to their processing.

As previously mentioned, these data may be used to send commercial information based on balanced legitimate interest.

Regarding the records on the web, EDIBON will provide a username and password. The user must not provide the username or passwords to third parties and must inform EDIBON immediately if an improper use of the passwords or username by third parties is observed. The user is responsible for any use made with his/her username and password, even if this use is not authorized or is made without the knowledge of the user.

Video surveillance and control data

There are duly announced security cameras installed in EDIBON. Data obtained from the cameras are stored for a maximum period of 30 days. EDIBON will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding data processing and will only communicate data to official bodies and authority agents upon request. The purpose of the recordings is the security of the company and the control of work.

The legitimate basis for processing is the maintenance of security and the consent, as indicated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Exercise of rights common to all personal data

The data subject has the right to obtain confirmation about whether EDIBON is processing his/her personal data; therefore, the data subject has the right to access his/her personal data, rectify inaccurate data or request their erasure when they are no longer necessary, as well as to object to their processing for any purpose stated here, for example to receive commercial information.

You may exercise the right of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction to processing and portability by email to the address [email protected] or by mail to C/ Del Agua 14, Polígono San José de Valderas, Leganés 28918, Madrid, Spain.

In any case, the data subject can turn to the corresponding control authority to make the complaints considered appropriate.

Terms of use of the blog or the comments included in the news section

The purpose of the existing blog is to exchange information about everything related to EDIBON’s activity: articles, news, opinions, etc., offering generic and sectorial information of different areas.

General rules of use:

Users must access and use the blog for the purpose for which it has been devised and, in particular, with full observance of the laws, morals, public order and these Terms of Use. Specifically, users agree to access and use the blog in accordance with the following premises:

The user will not interfere in the proper functioning of the blog or in the use that other users are making of it. In addition, the user will not interfere or disturb the application or operation of the security measures implemented in the blog or the connection to the blog of other users or networks.

The user will comply with any rules applied to the access and use of the blog, including those that affect the access, processing and transmission of data.

The user will not use the blog to send unsolicited information or emails or to promote or commercialize with or without consideration, directly or through links, products or services of their own or of third parties.

The user will not use the blog to impersonate a third party, nor to harass, insult or defame other people or engage in acts of unfair competition, advertising not authorized by Spanish legislation or these Terms of Use or misleading advertising.

The user will not use the blog to gather information related to third parties, in particular personal data.

The user may access, view, download, copy and print the comments, opinions, materials, data, information and, in general, any content contained in the blog. Besides, the user may forward and share that content with other people, exclusively for personal use, that is, never with a commercial purpose. All the copies you make of the comments, opinions, materials, data and information contained in the blog must clearly identify their origin and authorship and keep notices related to copyright or to intellectual, industrial or any other nature property rights originally included. The user will not use, reproduce, modify, distribute or make available to third parties the comments, opinions, materials, data or information contained in the blog for commercial purposes or attribute their authorship to him/her or to whom it does not apply. EDIBON, or the legitimate subject of the downloaded comments, opinions, materials, data or information, will continue to hold full ownership of them, as well as of the brands and logos that may appear in them and in the blog itself.

Contents included by users and data protection:

The sending of contents will imply the full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which will also regulate their use and exploitation. EDIBON reserves the right to publish or not publish articles, comments and other content received, as well as the right to check the data provided by the sender about his/her identity or to request the sender to show proof of identity.

In accordance with the data protection legislation, the user agrees that personal data provided may be processed for the blog management.

Personal details veracity and update

EDIBON presumes that the personal details provided through the different channels and media are truthful, they are directly provided by the data subject, the data subject is who he/she claims to be, data are updated and the concerned/interested party will communicate any data modification from the moment it occurs.

Duty of secrecy

People involved in the processing of data related to natural persons that access the files, directly or indirectly, will observe at all times the secrecy regarding the personal data they know due to their work. The duty of secrecy constitutes an obligation for EDIBON, the members of the directorship and management bodies, the persons with work contracts governed by labor law and the professionals who provide services contracted under the commercial law regime. It is also an obligation for the suppliers of goods and services and their employees, the data processors and their employees and those subcontracted by the data processors and their employees. The duty of secrecy continues after the expiration of the labor or commercial relationship established with EDIBON, the data controller, as well as after the termination of labor, commercial contracts, etc., that bind the employees and/or professionals to the data processor and the suppliers of goods or services to EDIBON.

Website / page recommendation

When EDIBON recommends or links a website/webpage is because EDIBON considers that they are of interest to the user. EDIBON does not have supervisory duty regarding the linked or recommended websites/webpages. They have been created by legal entities, natural persons or bodies without legal personality unconnected with EDIBON. EDIBON is not involved in their management, does not finance them, decides about the contents, nor manages or participates in the services provided by the linked or recommended websites/webpages. EDIBON will cancel any link and refrain from recommending the website/webpage when having reliable proof that the website/webpage and/or the provided services are illicit or undermine goods or rights of third parties susceptible to compensation.

Use of cookies

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Data security

EDIBON has implemented in its workplaces, premises, systems, communication infrastructures, etc., the security measures required by the data protection regulation. It has also adopted the logical, physical, organizational, contractual measures, etc., to prevent third parties from accessing data without authorization, destructing, modifying, reproducing, disclosing, transferring or reusing them.

Validity and modification of the privacy policy

The privacy policy established by EDIBON is in force from the date of its publication on the corresponding website; the user can file and/or reproduce it. EDIBON, informing the user, is authorized to modify its privacy policy.

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