Description Générale

To perform the tests a metallic rod is fastened by clamps and subjected to the testing force. Force is gradually applied on the rod to observe the elastic tension generated.

The force moment or torque is applied by a dynamometer with a lever. Deformation generated by the torsional stress is obtained by reading a dial gauge in contact with the arm. The torsional deformation angle is obtained by a simple trigonometric identity, providing the unit with important didactic characteristics.

Steel, brass and aluminum rods are supplied to perform the practical exercises. Additionally, rods made of other materials can be employed.

Des exercices et pratiques guidées


  1. Verification of the elastic torsion equation of circular rods.
  2. Experimental determination of the relationship between thetorsion moment and the shaft angular determination.
  3. Experimental determination of the relationship between the testrod length and the shaft turn angle for a same torsional force.
  4. Experimental determination of the calue of the Modulus ofRigidity for steel, brass and aliminum.


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