Description Générale

The "AE-PLC-PHD" is a processing workstation commanded by a PLC. This unit takes a piece and introduces it inside the punching zone that is protected with a polycarbonate screen. Once the piece is inside the punching zone, the hydraulic punching machine simulates that punches the piece.

The "AE-PLC-PHD" workstation is designed as a modular system to facilitate the understanding of the unit. The main components are:

  • The PLC: is composed by an AE-PLCB (with HMI devices, analog and digital input/output, etc.) unit and all the extra modules needed to perform a correct working of the workstation.
  • The control panel: with start/stop button, emergency push button, reset button, light indicators to show current state of the process, etc.
  • The pneumatic circuit: contains the required solenoid valves, filters and regulators to assure the correct working and safety of the unit.
  • The workstation: is composed by real industrial components used by the industrial automatic punching machines such as hydraulic punching machine, pneumatic actuators, punching zone protected with polycarbonate, capacitive sensors, etc.

The "AE-PLC-PHD" is an independent workstation that can work alone and/or in conjunction with other workstation to make up a complete Flexible Manufacturing system*.

*The Flexible manufacturing systems product list is available at "Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)" area of the general catalogue.





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