Description Générale

This unit is common for the different test modules type "BS", and can work with one orseveral modules.

The BSUB is a complete unit designed to provide signal conditioning for manysensors and transducers output signals that must be conditioned. These circuitsconsist of differential and instrumentation amplifiers, filters, current to voltage andfrequency to voltage converters, etc., developed for transducers such aspotentiometers, RTD's, thermocouples, strain gauge bridges, etc.

The BSUB also includes a PID controller, industrial controller, DC Dimer and otherinteresting elements that can be used to introduce students the concepts aboutprocess control.

The sensors connect to the Base Unit and with power supplies through 2 mmterminals located in the front panel of each test module. The test modules mayoperate independently one of another.



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