Description Générale

The Gear Generation Unit, "MGE", has been designed by EDIBON to study rack and pinion systems. With this unit the student can draw by an easy procedure the profile of a tooth, produced by the involute process of the rack when passing over the pinion. The user can adjust the rack radially (with respect to the central axis of the circular template) in such a way that the profiles of the corrected teeth can be made using the graphical method.

With this unit the student draw the outline of the tooth that corresponds to the pinion required to mesh in a specific standard rack. To that end, the unit consists of a circular support disc that can be laterally displaced and a standard rack for which the necessary pinion must be found. When the circular disc is linearly displaced, it will rotate together with the lower additional gear teeth to which it is linked, so that the rack performs the involute path on the template simulating the definite meshing state.

Des exercices et pratiques guidées


  1. Determining the influence of corrections in rack and pinion systems.
  2. Determining the influence of modifications of the rack tooth head size in rack and pinion systems.
  3. Determining the influence of modifications in the effective number of teeth of a pinion on rack and pinion systems.
  4. Experimental determination of the shape and construction of the involute curve.


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