CGA Unité d'Assemblage d'Engrenages Combinés



The Combined Gear Assembly Unit, "CGA", has been designed to study the practical assembly and operation of an industrial gear with easy devices and tools.

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Description Générale

A combined gear is a two or more stage gear with different types of gears. Combined gears play an important role in all kinds of industrial machines. Some of the most noteworthy applications are, for example, in elevators, car industry, transport and automatic doors and escalators systems.

The Combined Gear Assembly Unit, "CGA", has been designed to study the practical assembly and operation of an industrial gear with easy devices and tools.

The Combined Gear Assembly Unit, "CGA", allows the study of a two-stage gear. This gear consists of a spur gear (helical cut gears) followed by a worm gear (worm wheel transmission with cylindrical worm), manually assembled. The complete unit includes the driving and driven shafts, spur gear transmission, worm gear transmission and typical elements of a reduction mechanism such as locking rings, oil seals and bearings. The possibility of manual assembly and disassembly of the equipment has been proven. It is an ideal equipment for individual or team practical classes.

The supply includes a tool kit, spare parts for the elements most susceptible to wear, a box for storing and organizing the smallest parts and a suitable hydraulic oil to facilitate assembly and operation of the equipment.

The teaching material provides the necessary theoretical and technical information to:

  1. Understand the basis of the equipment’s operation.
  2. Be able to assemble and disassemble the unit correctly. The teaching material supplied includes pictures to illustrate the instructions in the manual, exploded diagrams and technical drawings with a list of components.

The material is supplied placed and protected in a case for transport.

The Unit to Study the Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears, "ADSG" can be used to check the operation of the gear once assembled.

Des exercices et pratiques guidées


  1. Study of the operation of a combined gear.
  2. Analysis of the structure of a combined gear.
  3. Study and analysis of the functions and construction characteristics of the components and assemblies.
  4. Understanding of technical drawings and plans.
  5. Gauging and dimensioning components exercises.
  6. Study and analysis of assembly aids.
  7. Study and performance of assemblies and complete units.
  8. Study and determination of the work schedule, mainly the representation and planning of the assembly development.
  9. Study and analysis of faults and damages.
  10. Repair exercises and maintenance operations for damages and faults.
  11. Understanding the criteria required to select the materials.


  1. Analysis of the operation of the assembled gear ("ADSG" unit required).


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