MGI Gyroscope



The Gyroscope, "MGI", allows the demonstration of the gyroscopic effects and enables the relationship between the gyroscopic couple and the direction of rotation (or "precession") of the gyroscope axis to be determined.

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Description Générale

The Gyroscope, "MGI", allows the experimental demonstration of the different rotation modes of a gyroscope and the moments generated by the gyroscopic effect.

The rotor of the electric motor (rotating motor) shares a horizontally supported shaft (torque arm) with a rotor disc about its own axis. The rotor disc is mounted together with its motor as a yoke and forms the gyroscope. A second electrical motor (precession motor) turns a turntable under the gyroscope, causing precession about a vertical axis. The speed of both motors are electronically regulated and independently controlled. The rotational velocity of the rotating motor and the precession motor can be visualized in digital displays (in the electronic console).

The gyroscopic moment can be preselected by positioning a counterweight with retaining screws at different radii.

Additional weights can be attached to the end of the torque arm to balance the gyroscopic couple produced when the rotor disc is spinning and the gyroscope is being rotated (precessed) about the vertical axis.

A transparent protective cover provides protection against rotating parts and enables different experiments to be observed. Opening this cover automatically stops the two electrical motors.

Des exercices et pratiques guidées


  1. Study of the laws of gyroscopes.
  2. Demonstration of the precession and stability of a gyroscope system.
  3. Investigation of gyroscopic couple direction for each combination of the rotor and the precession directions.
  4. Study of the magnitude of gyroscope couple in function of the rotor velocity and the precession velocity.
  5. Determination of the moment of inertia of the gyroscope rotor.
  6. Demonstration of the independent influence of precession velocity with the gyroscope couple.
  7. Demonstration of the independent influence of rotor velocity with the gyroscope couple.


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