PLCHMI IIoT Contrôle et surveillance local / à distance avec IHM



The expansion for PLC and HMI, "PLCHMI", is the PLC-HMI set designed by EDIBON. Its objective is to work together with any other EDIBON unit that carries out the control of a process. It allows the user to operate and control EDIBON unit from a HMI and/or from the EDIBON SCADA software.

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Description Générale

The expansion for PLC and HMI, "PLCHMI", is a system composed of an interface that includes PLC modules such as CPU, digital I/O module, analog I/O module, communications module, etc. and a control box with HMI display (required elements (at least one): "PLCHMI-TS", "PLCHMI-TS15" and/or "PLCHMI-TS21").

The PLC interface is the module that contains the PLC controller, different analog and digital I/O modules and the necessary communication modules to communicate with different devices such as HMI, PC, tablet, etc. To communicate with the HMI and/or a PC, the unit has two Ethernet ports. There is also a SCSI connector to connect the PLC interface with unit that carries out process control. In addition, the PLC interface could be provided with any other connector or communication port (USB, DB-9 or DB-25 serial connector, etc.) to establish a communication between the expansion and the process control unit.

The HMI control box contains a touch panel (required elements (at least one): "PLCHMI-TS", "PLCHMI-TS15" and/or "PLCHMI-TS21") to monitor and control the process control unit. By means of the HMI screen the variables and results of the process can be visualized graphically as well as to control the different actuators. Communication with the control interface is via Ethernet.


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