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The "3D Physics. Essential Module" is composed of a set of equipment pre-selected by EDIBON in order to meet the fundamental needs that we have found after many years of experience in equipping a Physics laboratory. To this module, we have added, so that the students can receive a complete training, our ICAI expansion.

With the equipment included in the module, we achieve a complete training with which it is intended to give a real vision of many basic physical processes and thus, subsequently, help the understanding of more complex physical processes. In all of them, it has been intended that the student is the one who designs his own experience and learns in an easy way. For this reason, an open equipment has been designed, with a minimum of basic elements, so that the student/teacher can design, carry out or fabricate his/her own experiment. It also includes several practices already pre-designed from EDIBON.

In order to achieve this objective, graphic and control tools have been provided to allow the student to observe "in situ" and in real time the result of his experiment, to study the consequences of small physical perturbations or to carry out studies of complicated configurations.


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