We have designed and we are manufacturing, about 4,000 different Teaching and Research Units in 14 Technical areas.
EDIBON has designed about  1,500 SCADA units since 1988 and has been improving every year. Most of EDIBON units use SCADA technology  and whenever the process can accept SCADA.
All EDIBON Teaching and Research units using SCADA can be expanded as follows at any time by the client doing much more practices and increasing the knowledge in different fields:


PLC Industrial
Process Control


Faults Simulation


EDIBON Industrial Modular
System with NI CompactRIO


IIoT local/remote Control and
Monitoring with HMI


EDIBON Software Development KIT,
Powered by NI LabVIEW™


EDIBON Matlab Kit


EDIBON Scada-Net


EDIBON Cloud Learning


Interactive Computer Aided
Instruction Software System


EDIBON Development KIT for Circuits
Simulation, Powered by NI LabVIEW™


Modular System for
Acquisition and Control


Augmented Reality Instructional System by EDIBON

PLC - PLC Industrial Process Control

1,000 PLC control units available for the Teaching and Research EDIBON Units using SCADA. 

SCADA + PLC is the most complex and Real Industrial System available in the market. In the factories, most of the processes to manufacture final products consists of repetitive tasks. In general, these processes are basically composed of 3 parts: sensors to get the information, actuators to be able to act on the process and controllers to process the information. These repetitive processes are done by PLCs.The PLC Control is added to any EDIBON unit using SCADA and it is made up of:

  • PLC itself. We can offer any brand (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Panasonic, Omron, etc), as standard and any other PLC manufacturer quoted “case by case”.
  • PLC box. EDIBON own design.
  • PLC Electronic Interface (already supplied with any EDIBON SCADA unit).
  • PLC Software, specific for any process. 100% EDIBON design, particular for any process. 

FSS - Faults Simulation System

1,000 Fault Simulation units (software) available.

This software allows the students to find out the faults related to ON/OFF faults and SCADA faults and PID Control. The main SCADA FAULTS are under the following software packages:

  • Calibration faults software.
  • Measurement faults software.
  • No sensors linealibility faults software.
  • Sensors wrong connections faults software.
  • Actuators inverted response faults software for analog and digital signals.
  • Actuators response software when wrong values faults.
  • Actuators response soft when signals are off faults.

ECR - EDIBON Industrial Modular System with NI CompactRIO

Ideal for industry 4.0, Internet of things, monitoring and control applications.

CompactRIO can work with ALL EDIBON units that use SCADA.

Introduction to programming in a practical way with EDIBON units Development environment with real hardware using LabVIEW ™ in the R&D field of engineering.

PLCs, in many applications, are supplied with the HMI (Human Machine Interface) with the purpose of monitoring and controlling the industrial process locally.

  • Compact interface based on an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Portable touch screen with human-machine interface (HMI) to provide local or remote control (interface and HMI connection via Ethernet cable).
  • Possibility to operate simultaneously from HMI and PC.
  • Possibility to migrate the HMI software application to smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. for remote control.
1,000 units (software packages) available.

This software package allows the expansion of the SCADA system to:

  • Perform research by changing the algorithms of any SCADA process.
  • Design your own software for this particular process.
  • Work with unlimited parameter values.
  • Design your own control (ON/OFF; PID, PWM, Cascade, etc.).
  • Manage the Data Acquisition and process it.
  • Read and act on the process, in real time.
  • Real time calculation.
  • Data logging.

…and more.


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EMAK - EDIBON Matlab Kit

EDIBON MATLAB® Kit , “EMAK”, is a software package, based on MATLAB® and Simulink® environment, offered as an optional item together with EDIBON TECHNICAL TEACHING EQUIPMENT.

The combination of these software with EDIBON UNITS results in one of the most powerful learning tools in terms of the study, analysis, interpretation and modeling of real systems.

ESN - EDIBON Scada-Net

All EDIBON SCADAs are linked through a local network all students computers are linked, allowing many students to work at the same time and in the same place (Classroom – Laboratory).

EDIBON offers two ESN options:

  • Mini ESN: One unit, many students.
  • ESN: Many units, many students

ECL - EDIBON Cloud Learning

ECL allows to one or several EDIBON Teaching and Research Units in one place to be operated by one or several students from another place.

The students can perform the practical exercises from three possible places:

  • Another laboratory.
  • Their home.
  • Their mobile phone.


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ICAI - Interactive Computer Aided Instruction Software System

1,500 units (software packages) available.

The ICAI Software can be used with “ALL” EDIBON units using SCADA. The complete ICAI software is formed by the following individual software packages as:

  • Teacher Soft for controlling the complete classroom by the teacher.
  • Student/Unit Soft related with any particular unit.
  • Calculation Software.
  • Report Analysis and Process Software.
  • Graphics and Trends Software.
  • Class Management Software.
  • Practices Exercises Evaluation Software.
  • Test Evaluation Software.
  • Multimedia Software.
  • Edited Custom Made Software.
  • Aided Evaluation by Teacher and Student Software.

EMSK - EDIBON Development KIT for Circuits Simulation, Powered by NI LabVIEW™

Introduction to programming in a practical way with EDIBON UNITS. 

The Software Development Kit for Electrical and Electronic Circuit Simulation by EDIBON (EMSK) is a software package based on the NI Multisim™ environment.

It is available as an optional component for certain EDIBON TECHNICAL DIDACTIC EQUIPMENT.

MSAC - Modular System for Acquisition and Control

With the Modular Acquisition and Control System, "MSAC", students perform experiments that clearly show them the laws of Hydraulics, Newton's laws, the law of conservation of energy, etc. and acquire a valuable experience in the use of instruments and tools in a natural, pleasant and uncomplicated way.

MSAC can work with units from the Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics areas.

ARISE - Augmented Reality Instructional System by EDIBON

Exploring Augmented Reality through Practical Programming with EDIBON Equipment.

In the educational field, Augmented Reality designed by EDIBON enables the visualization of abstract concepts by overlaying digital information onto the real world, allowing students to interact with 3D models and simulations in a practical manner.

In research, Augmented Reality designed by EDIBON facilitates the exploration of complex data by providing interactive and contextually relevant visualizations, accelerating the process of understanding and discovery.

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