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Creating an EFFICIENT LABORATORY, you can improve the performance of your students and the understanding of all theoretical concepts in a simple and fast way. 

Having a well-designed laboratory, equipped with the most advanced technology available on the market and designed by EDIBON, will help you to:

Help for the students:

  • Quick understanding.
  • Clear theoretical concepts through practice.
  • Time saving.

Help for the teachers:

  • Easy teaching.
  • Increase teaching efficency.
  • Reduction of teching costs.
  • Integration of classroom and laboratory in the same place.
At EDIBON, we help you with the design of your laboratory from the first stages and we offer you a complete service and monitoring:

Different configurations for the same type of laboratory, depending on the required technology and  purpose, are available:


Complete laboratories
Already designed by EDIBON, offering full training.

Set of units selected according to the level/space available in the laboratory.

You can choose all the modules you consider necessary to create your own laboratory.


EDIBON offers you the possibility of a custom-made laboratory design, so that we get the most suitable configuration for you.     

Starting from a previous study of your needs and having the continuous support and advice of our design and research department, we can offer you a complete laboratory designed according to your needs.

By having our own R + D + I department, we can even design customized units under your requirements.

All our laboratories can be completed with the expansions offered by EDIBON.

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