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100% own design and know how
Own and strong engineering team



More than 3,000 different units in most technical areas
We manufacture the mechanical and electronic parts, software, etc


... and setting up of our units
All our units can be installed by EDIBON own engineers and/or qualified representative's engineers


Technological e-learning with SCADA and SCADA-NET
Discover all teaching training possibilities, even CLOUD learning, we can offer

Engineering and Technical Teaching Equipment

Specialized manufacturer using SCADA system and PID control.

EDIBON designs and manufactures Engineering and Technical Teaching Equipment, at the highest level and quality, in most Engineering areas, since more than 30 years ago.

Our huge investment in R + D + I,  makes EDIBON a reference company in this sector worldwide. Most of the over 3,000 different units we produce with UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY. 

Thousands of Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Technical Training Centers, in all continents, recognize our technology and know-how.

Visit us and discover all the possibilities that EDIBON can offer to you.


All our products and services are aimed at:

Higher Education Level

Technical and Vocational Training

Engineering and Technical Training Centers

 Energy / Oil and Gas /..

Last news

July 12, 2019

Setup at North Carolina A&T State University

July 8, 2019

Installation at UNIFEI - Universidad Federal de Itajubá

July 4, 2019

Setting up at UFBA em Pauta, Brasil

We supply 3,000 different units to over 150 countries