custom-made units

We consider “a unit” as a unitary process.

Our R&D department offers a quick solution with 100% guaranteed success to any customer who needs a custom-made unit for:


As part of a
large industrial project

As part of a larger official
research project

Even any unit for
any special promotion

EDIBON can guarantee full success, due to our long experience in designing units with SCADA CONTROL

Quick design

EDIBON engineers have more than 40 years experience in designing about 4,000 different units, using any of the different processes and 9,000 special expansions for Research and Industry Lines.

Long lifetime

Due to the advanced technology used, the units designed by EDIBON can be used for a long time for other purposes.


New redesign

  • Larger or smaller size of the units, as the ones already developed by EDIBON.
  • Production unit (Pilot Plant), as the ones already developed by EDIBON.

Special redesign

  • Units that require special materials, as the ones already developed by EDIBON.

New design

  • Units that require another range of parameters: the SCADA SYSTEM will be new.
  • Units that require new parameters (sensors) to be included or added to the available EDIBON units. 
  • The unit operation already designed by EDIBON can be modified.

COMPLETE new design.

  • If the customer wants a Custom-made Unit and we do not have the exact process in our already product range, we can design a new process according to the customer's requirements.

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