We want to present our new installation in the Faculté des Sciences at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti, specifically in the Fluid Mechanics Department. There, we have installed many of our equipment, among which are: AFT, CF80/5 (with CFAS, CFFS, CFPLR, CFPR, CFRM, CFSDL, CFTP, CFTS, CFVD, CFVEN, CFVG accessories), ESED, ESH(2x1m), FME00, FME02, FME12, FME13, FME16, FME18, FME28, FME29, PDFD, PPTAC/1 and SPFB. We are very happy to continue working on projects like this and we hope that students can improve their practical training thanks to these new units. It was a pleasure!