General Description

The objective of Flow Test Module, "BS4", is to show techniques to measure changeable fluids.

The module is made up of two tanks assembled on a structure. In one of them there is a pumping system that allows to pump the water from the reserve tank, using a measurement transducer system, and to return it to the main tank.The pump enables that a big amount of water from the tank flows between the reserve tank and the main one. It is possible to change the flow volume by changing the pump power supply voltage using the terminals placed on the "BS4" front panel.

Included elements:

  • Flow switch.
  • Optical flow sensor.
  • Underwater pump.
  • Pressure level sensor.
  • Differential pressure sensor.
  • Changeable flow meter.
  • V narrowing.

All the connections from the different transducers and from the pumping system are made using a group of 2 mm. Terminals placed on the front panel of the test module with drawings describing their functions.

Exercises and guided practices


  1. To measure the water volume produced by an underwater pump in the module using an optical flow sensor.
  2. To use a high-resolution optical flow sensor to measure low flow volumes.
  3. Pressure level sensor. To use a differential pressure sensor to measure the liquid level in one of the tanks.
  4. Differential pressure sensor. To measure the pressure-fall in the module hole board system, as a necessary parameter to determine volume.
  5. To measure the flow volume generated by the underwater pump using a flow meter of changeable area.
  6. To obtain the flow-volume value in the secondary tank using the V narrowing weir.




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