We recently had the honor of installing a complete laboratory at theCentre de formation et des métiers (CFMI) in Togo (Africa)

This complete laboratory now has the following EDIBON units:

Computer Controlled Water Treatment Plant (PPTAC)

Computer Controlled Deep Bed Filter Unit (EFLPC)that enables to study filtration in open and closed circuit, as well as to visualize the bed washing process.

Sewerage Unit (TSID)

Computer Controlled Drainage and Seepage Tank (PDFDC), that has been designed for the practical demonstration, visualization and experimental study of the flow through permeable media and flows in subsoil.

Computer Controlled Continuous and Batch Filtration Unit (TFUC), that has been designed to understand the principles of continuous and batch filtration at constant pressure and constant flow operation.

Photovoltaic Power Plants Application, with SCADA (AEL-PHVGC), that has been designed to study the operations carried out in photovoltaic power systems connected to the energy national grid.

Computer Controlled Automobile Air Conditioning Trainer (TAAUC). This unit introduce the student into the complex world of air conditioning systems, as well as to study and determine the optimum parameters for the operation of the unit in relation to the basic functions of a car.

Computer Controlled Refrigeration Unit with Open Compressor (TRCC), that has been designed to carry out basic tests for the study of a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle with an open compressor driven by an electric motor.

Computer Controlled Test Bench for Single-Cylinder Engines, 7.5 kW (TBMC8), that is a teaching unit to test internal combustion engines of up to 7.5 kW.

Computer Controlled Balance of Reciprocating Masses Unit (MBMRC), that is a model four-cylinder in-line engine that shows the primary and secondary forces and moments when balancing reciprocating masses.

On our website you can find all the characteristics of these units.

You can also contact us if you are interested in installing a laboratory like this in your center.

It has been a pleasure for us to work on this project. Thank you for trusting EDIBON!