We have carried out the installation of a Computer Controlled Axial Flow Gas Turbine/ Jet Engine (TGFAC) unit in the department of Engineering and Computer Science at Tarleton University.

This is a teaching unit that demonstrates the operation of a gas turbine as reaction engine.  

The main element of the Computer Controlled Axial Flow Gas Turbine/Jet Engine is the gas turbine, which consists of an Axial compressor, an Annular combustion chamber and an Expansion axial turbine

The “TGFAC” unit includes the sensors required to measure all the important parameters of the process: pressure, temperature, air flow and fuel flow, speed and force (movable table with force sensor to measure thrust).Also, this Computer Controlled Unit is supplied with the EDIBON Computer Control System (SCADA)



It has been an honor for us to carry out this project. With this new unit, students will be able to continue learning and putting into practice the knowledge acquired.

We hope to return very soon!