Our extensive international experience has allowed us to work on 5 continents and in any country in the world.

Recently, we had the opportunity to install some of our equipment in Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh (IMAMU).

The mission of IMAMU is to nurture the intellect, creativity and moral values of men and women for leadership and service to society through high-quality learning and research. To do this, we went to the university to install our Computer Controlled Process Control (Electronic Valve) Unit (UCP), our Computer Controlled Air Conditioning Unit with Climatic Chamber (TSAC), our Laminar Flow Demonstration (FME20) and our Hydraulics Bench (FME00)


The Computer Controlled Process Control (Electronic Valve), (UCP) is a customizable and configurable grouping of units consisting of the Base Unit for UCP, “UCP-UB”, and at least one of the elements required to form different control circuits depending on what we want to control: temperature, flow, level, water pressure, acidity and/or conductivity and TDS.


The objective of the Computer Controlled Air Conditioning Unit with Climatic Chamber (TSAC) is to introduce the student into the complex field of air conditioning systems, as well as to study and determine the optimum parameters for the operation of the unit in function of the environmental demands (humidity, heat, temperature and refrigeration, etc.).


The Laminar Flow Demonstration (FME20) and the Hydraulics Bench (FME00) are accessories in the area of fluids mechanics. This units allows a complete study of the bi-dimensional problems associated with laminar flow and provides the facilities to support a wide range of hydraulic models, each of which has been designed to demonstrate a particular aspect of hydraulic theory.


We are very grateful for having been able to carry out this installation and for the treatment they have given us. We hope to return very soon!