We are thrilled to announce that EDIBON will be an official sponsor of one of the awards presented during the ASEE Annual Conference.

Specifically, it will be the award for the Most Outstanding Poster of the Chemical Engineering Division, presented by the Chemical Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE-ChED).

This type of chemical engineering focuses on studying processes in which physical, chemical, and/or biochemical changes occur in materials, aiming to transform raw materials into useful and value-added products. This discipline encompasses the study, design, optimization, development, and operation of the processes involved in these changes. Moreover, it has numerous applications owing to its broad scope of research and innovation, such as in environmental concerns and the design of novel technologies and materials.

At EDIBON, we are honored to continue leading the way, revolutionizing technical education and experimental research through advanced technology and optimized instructional techniques.

Our main goal with this sponsorship is to connect these contributions with the efforts made by students and faculty to enhance the quality of chemical engineering education, as showcased during the ASEE Annual Conference.