At EDIBON, we are very proud to celebrate the success of our seminar titled "Creating the Future Together." This event featured representatives from 54 countries around the world and proved to be a crucial meeting point for innovation and international collaboration. It was held in EDIBON's new facilities, a 100% sustainable building that reflects the company's commitment to the environment and sustainability.

During the seminar, EDIBON unveiled a series of new products and business lines that promise to revolutionize the technical and scientific education sector. Attendees had the opportunity to firsthand experience these innovations, which include advanced didactic equipment and technological solutions designed to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in institutions worldwide.

The visit to EDIBON's new building was one of the highlights of the event. This building, designed and constructed to the highest standards of sustainability, incorporates various renewable energies and energy-saving technologies, becoming a model of efficiency and environmental respect. Participants were impressed by the building's features and its zero-maintenance operation, underscoring EDIBON's ability to lead by example in sustainable practices.

At EDIBON, we are very pleased with the excellent reception of the seminar and emphasize the importance of such events in fostering international cooperation and the exchange of innovative ideas. We look forward to the participation of even more countries in future editions.

With seminars like "Creating the Future Together," EDIBON continues to establish itself as a global leader in educational innovation and the promotion of sustainable practices. We reaffirm our commitment to continue working towards building a better and more sustainable technological future.