MFL 2ピンアーチ実験装置



The Two Hinged Arch Unit, "MFL", designed by EDIBON allows to study these problems of vertical load distribution in two components, on a small scale and with small loads. A two-hinged arch is studied specifically in this unit.




The Two Hinged Arch Unit, "MFL", designed by EDIBON allows to study the response of an arched beam when an external load is applied on it.

The arch is supported on two supports, a fixed one and a movable one. The displacement and horizontal reaction suffered by the arch when a specific load is applied on it can be studied thanks to the movable support.

For the study of the displacement that suffers the arc it is made use of a hook of weights, in which they are added weights, and by means of a dial indicator the displacement that suffers the arc can be measured.

For the study of the horizontal reaction of the arc, two weight hooks are used. The first serves to deform the arc and the second serves to compensate this deformation. On the other hand, to check that after the deformation the arc returns to its equilibrium position, two dial indicators are used.



  1. Demonstration of the characteristics of a two pinned arch.
  2. To examine the relations ship between applied loads and horizontal thrust.
  3. Determination of the horizontal thrust in a support point of an arch beam subjeted to a vertical load.
  4. Study of the horizontal force change with the magnitude of the applied load.
  5. To determine the experimental value of the horizontal component thrust at the abutment end of a two pinned arch beam subjected to a vertical load.