PLC-TCRCTC PLC Industrial Process Control for TCRCTC


The Computer Controlled Refrigeration Unit with Different Capillary Tubes, "TCRCTC", designedby EDIBON, is clearly arranged and represents a typical compression refrigeration system withcompressor.

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General Description

The Computer Controlled Refrigeration Unit with Different Capillary Tubes, "TCRCTC", designedby EDIBON, is clearly arranged and represents a typical compression refrigeration system withcompressor.

The main components of the unit are the hermetic compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansionelements, reservoir and a receiver for refrigerant where, refrigerant can be added to or removedfrom the refrigeration circuit.

The unit includes three capillary tubes of different lengths and a thermostatic expansion valve forthe comparison of serveral expansion elements.

The evaporator and the condenser are finned tube heat exchangers. In both exchangers thereare transparent tubes to observe the change of state of the coolant during the evaporation andthe condensation.

An additional storage tank for the refrigerant is included to study the effects of overfilling andunderfilling the system.

The main factors involved in the cycle can be measured: coolant flow, compressor power and pressure and temperature in key points ofthe cycle.

The circuit also includes a sight glass to observe the state of the coolant fluid, a filter, a storage vessel to ensure a proper flow of coolant inthe circuit and a liquid separator to prevent liquid from entering the compressor. As a safety measure, the circuit includes a high pressureswitch and a low pressure switch.

This Computer Controlled Unit is supplied with the EDIBON Computer Control System (SCADA), and includes: The unit itself + aControl Interface Box + a Data Acquisition Board + Computer Control, Data Acquisition and Data Management Software Packages, forcontrolling the process and all parameters involved in the process.

Exercises and guided practices


  1. Function and operational behaviour of the refrigeration circuitcomponents.
  2. Identification and study of the main components of a compressionrefrigeration system:
  • Compressor.
  • Evaporator.
  • Condenser.
  • Expansion valve.
  1. Study and comparation of work with different expansiónelements:
  • Expansion valve.
  • Capillary tubes of different lengths.
  1. Study of effect of underfilling or overfilling of the system withrefrigerant.
  2. Study of finned tube exchagers heat in use witch condenser andevaporator in compression refrigeration circuit.
  3. Representation of the thermodynamic cycle in the log p - hdiagram.
  4. From the log p - h diagram and in comparison with the measuredvalues:
  • Determination of the refrigeration capacity.
  • Determination of the coefficient of performance.
  • Determination of the efficiency of the compressor.
  1. Sensors calibration.


  1. Properties of the R-513a refrigerant.
  2. Enthalpy-pressure diagram for the R-513a refrigerant.

Other possibilities to be done with this unit:

  1. Many students view results simultaneously.To view all results in real time in the classroom by means of aprojector or an electronic whiteboard.
  2. Open Control, Multicontrol and Real Time Control.This unit allows intrinsically and/or extrinsically to change thespan, gains, proportional, integral, derivative parameters, etc, inreal time.
  3. The Computer Control System with SCADA allows a realindustrial simulation.
  4. This unit is totally safe as uses mechanical, electrical/electronic,and software safety devices.
  5. This unit can be used for doing applied research.
  6. This unit can be used for giving training courses to Industrieseven to other Technical Education Institutions.
  7. Control of the TCRCTC unit process through the control interfacebox without the computer.
  8. Visualization of all the sensors values used in the TCRCTC unitprocess.
  9. By using PLC-PI additional 19 more exercises can be done.
  10. Several other exercises can be done and designed by the user.



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