The term multimedia refers to any type of device that provides information through the use of several media at the same time. Its sole purpose is the transmission of a concept to the user.

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Technology has gradually made its way into the education sector, and today, multimedia complements have revolutionized teaching. With them, the visualization of results is facilitated, which improves explanation by the sender and understanding by the receiver.

Audiovisual systems have contributed to enriching the teaching-learning processes. It has been proven that students' attention to a subject increases if they use visual elements to support the explanation, or even screens that allow them to write or draw with a pen and let them interact in an active way. For all these reasons, it is impossible to understand the education of the future without multimedia complements.

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  • C-ID
Interactive Panel
The Interactive Panel, "C-ID", has been designed especially for the classroom and offers an intuitive user experience thanks to the unified menu, it is simple, fast and easy to navigate to the most commonly used applications, contents and...
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