EBDB バイオディーゼルプロセス実験装置



The Biodiesel Process Unit, "EBDB", developed by EDIBON, is a unit which allows the study of the biodiesel production cycle different stages. Different paremeters that affect the whole process, as well as the obtained biodiesel quality, may also be studied.



The process carried out by the Biodiesel Process Unit, "EBDB", consists on transforming the fatty acids contained in vegetable oils into a high energy content biofuel.

Basically, the process consists of two well-defined stages:

  • Stage I: Mixing the products with the stirring technique. It consists on combining and stirring the raw materials required to make biodiesel (vegetable oil and a catalyst) under a homogenous heating provided by a heating element. This stage is carried out in a reactor made of polyethylene that includes a temperature sensor. The stirring consists in recycling the product driven by a pump.
  • Stage II: Separating and washing the products obtained. A second stage fundamental after the reaction is the separation of the main product from the rest of by-products. It is usually done with a first two-phase decantation, thanks to the conical shape of the reactor, to remove the glycerin and a biodiesel washing through ion exchange resin.

Finally, the efficiency of the unit and the quality of the biodiesel can be assessed thanks to a balance and a titration kit (pipettes, droppers, etc.).

Additionally, the performance of the equipment and the quality of the biodiesel can be evaluated thanks to a load cell installed in the product tank and a titration kit (pipette, drippers, etc.).



  1. Study and performance of tests to determine the appropriate amount of catalyst to be used in the biodiesel generation process (titration).
  2. Familiarization with the operation of a biodiesel production unit during the products reaction, extraction and washing process.
  3. Study of the agitation and mixing level influence on the final quality of the obtained biodiesel.
  4. Study of the washing and purifying stage influence on the final quality of the obtained biodiesel.
  5. Study of the influence of temperature during the vegetable oilspreheating and reaction stage on the final quality of the obtained biodiesel.
  6. Analysis and tests to determine the biodiesel quality.


  1. Study of vegetable oils transesterification with an alcohol to produce biodiesel.