MEGE ひずみ計測 演習装置



The Strain Gauge Training Unit, "MEGE", designed by EDIBON, studies the strain gauges and their application in the measurement of strain.




The Strain Gauge Training Unit, "MEGE", provides an introduction to the fundamentals of measurement with strain gauges, to compare how resistance strain gauges work and how they measure strains in different structures (torsion, tension and bending systems).

The unit consists of a frame, which allows to place several measuring specimens quickly and precisely.

Three test specimens (bars) for torsion, tension and bending are each fitted with four strain gauge measuring points. The bars are loaded incrementally, allowing for the strain reading to be monitored.

The strain gauges are inside a transparent cover that protects them and make them clearly visible for the visualization of the process.

The unit includes a set of weights, two weight holders to give each specimen (bar) a range of stress, and a console with an amplifier and a digital display to show all readings.

Three additional tension bars are available as accessories, made of aluminum, copper and brass, to determine the elasticity modulus (Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus) in the exercises.



  1. Introduction to the fundamentals of measuring with strain gauges.
  2. Study of the strain gauges and application techniques.
  3. Study of the strain and stress in a torsion system.
  4. Study of the strain and stress in a tension system and the elasticity modulus (Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus).
  5. Study of the strain and stress in a bending system.
  6. Calculation of the mechanical deformations under torsion, tension and bending.
  7. Study of the correlation between mechanical strain and electrical resistance in a strain gauge.
  8. Study of the tensile strain and stress in different materials and comparison of the elasticity modulus (Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus) (additional recommended elements: "MEGE-A1", "MEGE-A2" and "MEGE-A3" are required).
  9. Comparison of different strain measurement systems and how they could measure force.