• Advanced Remote App Platform.
  • User Platform with powerful tools to manage and administrate Laboratories online.
  • EDIBON Units can be operated anywhere and anytime.
  • Several Users can work with one Unit or one user with several Units.
  • Storage and Access to Data in the Cloud.
  • Collaboration with user communities worldwide via EDIBON Chats and Forums.
  • User registration and self-registration in the Cloud.
  • Monitoring of user tasks and progress.
  • Suggestions and points of view of EDIBON Units.
  • Exchange of experiences with EDIBON Units.
  • Available live EDIBON Webinars.
  • Available EDIBON Tutorials and Webinars at any time.
  • Support from EDIBON Engineers.
  • Compatible with multiple devices and OS.
  • No software installation required.



EDIBON Cloud Learning is a Cloud Computing solution designed to control EDIBON Technology based Laboratories remotely in a simple and easy way.

EDIBON Cloud Learning is divided in two platforms:

Users Online Platform:

The main advantages of the Users Online Platform are:

  • The administrators have full control over their Laboratories thanks to the powerful Class-Administrator Tool that allows the users management, logs visualization and progression monitoring. It also enables to assign users permissions to let them control EDIBON Units or just display them. Furthermore, the administrator can upload and download Measurements, data and Multimedia resources.
  • The users can learn interactively in a flexible environment as if they were in the Laboratory, accessing through the Remote App to work with EDIBON Units. Several users can work with one unit or one user with several units. The users can also Upload and Download Measurements, data and graphs, Multimedia resources and Reports.

Remote App Platform:

Thanks to the Remote App Platform, the users can control EDIBON Units and EDIBON SCADA Software as if they were in the laboratory and share their expertise with the Users Community.