BICIR 生体医学電気外科ユニット



The Study of Electrosurgery in Biomedicine Unit, "BICIR", has been designed by EDIBON to study, in an experimental way, the different modes of operation of electrosurgical equipment or electrosurgical scalpel.




The Unit for Study of Electrosurgery in Biomedicine, "BICIR", consists of an electrosurgical unit used in modern medicine to cut tissues, restrict blood flow and improve the surgeon’s visibility during interventions. The unit includes a protective frame for a safe operation.

The electrosurgical unit allows the user to configure the desired electrosurgical electrode (monopolar or bipolar), the type of operating mode (pure cut, monopolar fulguration coagulation, bipolar sealing, etc.) and the power and sequence of signal application (continuous, pulsed, pulse chain, etc.).

The electrosurgical cutting centre is a frame designed to allow the student to perform a safe operation with the electrosurgical unit. It contains different safety systems to prevent students from touching the electrosurgical unit during the experiment.

The three most common types of electrodes are included: needle, blade and ball electrodes. In addition, an electrode kit with different shapes is included to study the different practical cutting possibilities.

The different electrodes have de function from cut to coagulation, and are used in different situation in the operating room.



  1. Understanding the hydrolysis mechanism by which the electrosurgical unit works.
  2. Study of the monopolar cut configuration of the electrosurgical unit: pure cut, enhanced cut and blend cut.
  3. Study of the bipolar cut configuration of the electrosurgical unit: pure cut, tur cut.
  4. Study of the monopolar coagulation configuration of the electrosurgical unit: soft coagulation, forced coagulation and fulguration coagulation.
  5. Study of the bipolar coagulation configuration of the electrosurgical unit: bipolar coagulation and sealing coagulation.