EII イオン交換実験装置


Unit: EII. Ion Exchange Unit


The Ion Exchange Unit, "EII", has been designed to study water softening in a single bed or water demineralization in a double bed system.




The Ion Exchange Unit, "EII", is a self-contained unit composed by a panel, where two transparent columns are situated in order to put anionic and cationic resins, and also a spare column and a pump, which supplies the efficient from the tanks attached to the pipes, forming several circuits according to the process: softening, demineralization or regeneration.

The flow of the pump can be regulated and can be read in a flowmeter before the inlet of the first ion exchanger.

A conductivity meter connected to the outlet of the unit allows the students to measure the process and a useful and easy checking of the ionic exchange evolution.

The unit includes the most usual resins used in the process of softening water (styrene sulfonate, in its sodium form), which have a strong affinity with calcium and magnesium ions. When these have been eliminated, the solution also eliminates or retains the ferrous ion.

The diaphragm pump facilitates the circulation of water along the different circuits of the unit: flow through an anionic column, flow through a cationic column and successive flow through anionic and cationic column.

The unit allows for exchanging different materials, the resins and reagents employed, as well as the problem water.



  1. Study of ion exchange general techniques.
  2. Familiarization with the operation modes of ion exchange in columns.
  3. Exchange capacities of different resins.
  4. Analysis of the water softening process with cationic resin.
  5. Analysis of the demineralization process.
  6. Demineralization with double bed exchange.
  7. Regeneration efficiency of a cationic and an amionic resin.
  8. Study of the operation of a conductivity meter.
  9. Regeneration efficiency of a water softening system.