BHI 流体静力学ベンチ&流体特性実験装置


Unit: BHI. Hydrostatics Bench & Fluid Properties


The Hydrostatics Bench and Fluid Properties, "BHI", allows for study of the main properties and the behavior of such liquids under hydrostatic conditions, with the aid of some accessories to make the different experiments.




The Hydrostatics Bench and Fluid Properties, "BHI", is a compact, mobile and independent unit.

There is a water storage tank, to work in a closed system, at the bottom of the bench. The water is distributed by hand pumps from this tank to two upper tanks, which are connected to different accessories and measuring elements for its study. All excess water is returned to the storage tank through a drain.

With these connections and the elements included, the Hydrostatics Bench and Fluid Properties, "BHI", designed by EDIBON, allows the performance of experiments related to some areas of hydrostatics, such as the measurement of pressure on the ground, the study of the capillary effect, buoyancy studies, surface tension measurement, metacentric height determination, measurement of hydrostatic pressure, etc.



  1. Density and specific gravity measurements.
  2. Viscosity measurement.
  3. Capillarity effect observation.
  4. Capillarity raising measurement.
  5. Free surface of a static liquid.
  6. Effect of a liquid on a free surface.
  7. Measurement of liquid levels.
  8. Pressure center in a smooth surface.
  9. Center of pressures for partial immersion.
  10. Center of pressures for total immersion.
  11. Calibration of a Bourdon manometer.
  12. Hysteresis curve determination.
  13. Use of a water manometer.
  14. Use of an air manometer.
  15. Use of a U-shaped manometer for determining the differential pressure.
  16. Arquimedes’ Principle.
  17. Determination of the metacentric height.
  18. Study of stability of a floating body. Angular displacements.
  19. Study of stability of a floating body. Different positions of the center of gravity.
  20. Operation and comparison of results obtained with different measuring instruments.


  1. Table of the atmospheric pressure in function of the height.
  2. Use instructions of the scale of Archimedes.