CADDA コンピュータ制御によるA/D、D/Aコンバータユニット(PC)



"CADDA" unit is the Computer Controlled Teaching Unit for the Study of Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog Converters, designed by EDIBON. It covers the basic principles about analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters, and allows to displaying the results on the computer.




The Computer Controlled A/D and D/A Converters Unit, "CADDA", unit has been designed to help the students to learn how to perform the most common procedures and study the different circuits used to convert analog signals in a digital signals and vice versa.

The unit also allows the user to study in detail other circuits related with the analog to digital conversion and digital to analog conversion, such as adder circuit, sample and hold circuit, series converter, frequency to voltage converter, etc.

The unit includes a data acquisition system to acquire multiple analog signals and show the signals on the computer. The data acquisition system allows the user to generate a variety of waveforms (with the analog outputs) in order to test the different circuits with different analog signals. The data acquisition system also allows to use 24 digital inputs/outputs configurable as inputs or outputs.

The "CADDA" unit includes the following elements:

  • N-M60. Analog/Digital Converters Module.
  • N-M61. Digital/Analog Converters Module.
  • EDAS/VIS-0.25. EDIBON Data Acquisition System and Virtual Instrumentation (speed: 250,000 samples/s).

This Computer Controlled Unit is supplied with the EDIBON Computer Control System (SCADA), and includes: The unit itself + a Data Acquisition Board + Computer Control, Data Acquisition and Data Management Software Packages, for controlling the process and all parameters involved in the process.



  1. Sampling theorem.
  2. Monopolar simple ramp converter.
  3. Monopolar double ramp converter.
  4. Monopolar binary ramp converter.
  5. A/D integrated converter. Monopolar assembly.
  6. A/D integrated converter. Bipolar assembly.
  7. Flash converter.
  8. D/A converter of weighted divider resistors.
  9. Analog switches errors.
  10. D/A converter of R-2R ladder.
  11. Current division in R-2R ladder converter.
  12. D/A converter of inverted ladder.
  13. D/A integrated converter.
  14. Serial data input D/A converter.
  15. D/A converter of pulse width modulation.


  1. Many students view results simultaneously. To view all results in real time in the classroom by means of a projector or an electronic whiteboard.
  2. Open Control, Multicontrol and Real Time Control. This unit allows intrinsically and/or extrinsically to change the span, gains, proportional, integral, derivative parameters, etc. in real time.
  3. The Computer Control System with SCADA allows a real industrial simulation.
  4. This unit is totally safe as uses mechanical, electrical/electronic, and software safety devices.
  5. This unit can be used for doing applied research.
  6. This unit can be used for giving training courses to Industries even to other Technical Education Institutions.
  7. Control of the CADDA unit process through the control interface box without the computer.
  8. Visualization of all the sensors values used in the CADDA unit process.
  9. Several other exercises can be done and designed by the user.