FME00 液压工作台



Unit for the study of fluid behaviour, hydraulic theory and the properties of fluid mechanics.




Unit for the study of fluid behaviour, hydraulic theory and the propertiesof fluid mechanics.

It is formed by a movable hydraulics bench used to hold a wide variety ofmodules, which allow the student to experiment with the problemspresented by fluid mechanics.

Autonomous unit (tank and pump included).

Innovative water saving system consisting of a high capacity sump tankand spillway that sends the excess of water back to the tank.

Easy access drain valve.

The volumetric measuring tank is stepped to accommodate for low orhigh flow rates. A measuring cylinder (1 l.-capacity) is included in thesupply for the measurement of very small flow rates.

Level tube with scale that shows the water level in the upper tank.

Flow adjusted by means of a membrane valve.

Flow stilling baffle for reducing the turbulence rate.

Specially designed channel, in the upper part, to support the modules ontest.

The modules are easily mounted on its top without the use of tools. Thisensures its simplicity.

Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials, ensuring a long anduseful life of the unit.

Centrifugal pump.

Pump breaker starting, safety and contact light.

Each module is supplied as a complete piece of equipment with easy andquick coupling to the bench, maximizing the available student’s time toperform the demonstrations or the experimental measurements.

To be used with the different units of Fluid Mechanics Area: ”FME” typemodules, Fluid Friction in Pipes Equipment "AFT", etc., to increase theprofitability.



  1. Flow measurement.