TAMR Assembly and Maintenance in Refrigeration Systems Unit



The Assembly and Maintenance in Refrigeration Systems Unit, "TAMR", has been designed to learn and understand the different parts of a basic compression refrigeration system, and also to learn about the assembly and startup procedure of a compression refrigeration system with air condenser and evaporator.



The Assembly and Maintenance in Refrigeration Systems Unit, "TAMR", has been designed to teach the students the planning, implementation and checking of processes related to the assembly, startup and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

The fully assembled system represents a refrigeration system with temperature regulation by thermostat and solenoid valve and with a refrigeration chamber. Once assembled it is suitable to work with R134a refrigerant. It can be assembled and disassembled several times, as there are fixing manifolds, which allow the tightening of the nuts that connect the elements without damaging them in an easy and comfortable way.

The unit allows both the installation of the elements and the pipes of the circuit by means of threaded connections and the electrotechnical installation by connecting all the elements and switching elements.

The refrigeration circuit includes four main units that make up the most basic refrigeration cycle: air condenser, expansion valve, air evaporator in a refrigeration chamber and hermetic compressor. The circuit also includes high and low pressure measuring elements, a sight glass to observe the condition of the refrigerant, a filter and a refrigerant storage tank to ensure an adequate flow of refrigerant in the circuit.

As a safety measure, the circuit includes a high and low pressure switch, which would cut the compressor supply, and a thermostat that acts on a solenoid valve.

For assembly and disassembly the Refrigeration Maintenance Tool Set,"T/KIT", is required, which includes all the usual tools for the assembly and maintenance of refrigeration systems, such as leak detector, digital multimeter, flaring tool, spanners, pipe benders, screwdrivers, etc.

The Maintenance Kit containing Vacuum Pump, Hoses and Manometers, "T/KIT1", and the Maintenance Kit containing Refrigerant Filling and Evacuation module, "T/KIT3", are required to charge and evacuate the R-134a refrigerant in the unit.



  1. Reading and understanding technical documentation.
  2. Planning and executing assembly steps and processes.
  3. Making pipe joints in accordance with a system diagram.
  4. Carrying out electrical installation in accordance with a circuit diagram.
  5. Commissioning and checking the refrigeration system after successful assembly (in conjunction with Refrigerant Reclamation and Charging Station).
  6. Familiarization with the function of a refrigeration system as a system and its components as system components.
  7. Fault analysis: fault finding, fault evaluation and repair.
  8. Planning, executing and evaluating maintenance processes.
  9. In conjunction with the Refrigerant Filling and Evacuation Module, evacuating and filling refrigeration systems.