BS1 振动和/或变形测试模块 (参见"BS"目录)



This Test Module has been designed to teach mechanical vibration and displacement variable measurement techniques.




This Test Module has been designed to teach mechanical vibration and displacement variable measurement techniques.

On the upper side of the test module there is a girder or elastic/vibrant sheet that is the one carrying the sensors, which can have many applications depending on the use we give to them during the performingthe practices with the unit.

This girder is strongly fixed to the module chassis in one of its ends. This enables this free projection system to vibrate on a flat surface but also turns it resistant to the movement of other surfaces.

On the girder bottom there are different types of sensors that work in different ways.

When the girder is distorted, the surfaces are in traction or compression, as appropriate. Is at this moment when the sensor outlets are to be analyzed.

Near the girder fixed end there is also a mechanism to heat the system and a thermocouple to measure the temperature which is used to determine the dependence that studied material has on the temperature.

On the girder free end there are control instruments that can determine the movement variations, as for example lineal displacement and deformations.

The girder end vertical column has a coil that provides a signal that is proportional to the speed and a measurement system that can be used to give a signal that is proportional to the displacement.



  1. To measure the vibration of a vibrant girder using strain gauges.
  2. To use a heating element to rise the girder temperature in order to study the effect on the sensors. (Thermocouple and heating element).
  3. To detect the displacement of the BS-1 module vibrant girder using a LVDT sensor.
  4. Effect of temperature variation on the strain gauges.
  5. Effect of deformation on the resistance of a girder
  6. Measurement of the three deformation dimensions or deformation of spherical or cylindrical coordinates systems.
  7. Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) for measuring displacements.
  8. Analysis of how to compensate the variation of resistance of a strain gauge due to temperature variations, using compensating gauges.
  9. Linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) as a weighing system.
  10. Effect on the vibration of a with different masses.