ELAN Lan Network Unit



The LAN Networking Unit, "ELAN", has been designed by EDIBON to study LAN networks. The unit allows students to acquire knowledge related to LAN networks and the elements which compose them.




The LAN Network Unit, "ELAN", has been designed to study the most widely used networks: LAN networks. The unit allows students to acquire knowledge related to the structure and topology of LAN networks, cabling standards and how to configure different security features.

The "ELAN" unit includes several network switches and a router to develop a basic LAN network structure. The unit incorporates smart switches that are manageable from a web interface. Due to the smart aspect of the switches, they allow managing and configuring different security features such as storm control, ARP spoofing prevention, determining which devices have access to the switch configuration, setting access lists (ACL), etc.

The unit allows designing different network structures and topologies, including the creation of VLAN by managing the configuration of the switches. In addition, the switches include SFP ports, which allows the use of fiber optic cable connection for the study of structured cabling and ISO standards, characteristic of enterprise environments in multi-storey buildings.



  1. Elements of a LAN. Configuration of the switches. IP addresses.
  2. VLANs configuration.
  3. Configuring LAN network with ring topology and preventing network loops with Loop Back Detection.
  4. Configuring LAN network with mesh topology and preventing network loops with Spanning Tree Protocol.
  5. Configuring LAN network with tree topology.
  6. Structured cabling with optical fiber. ISO 11801 Standard.
  7. Configuring Trusted Host.
  8. Configuring storm control.
  9. Prevent ARP spoofing.
  10. Configuring Access Lists (ACL).


  1. Establish traffic segmentation.
  2. Configure port security.
  3. Select DHCP servers.
  4. Configure IP-MAC-Port link.