ASV 截止阀安装设备



The Assembly of a Shut-Off Valve Unit, "ASV", is a bellows-sealed globe valve that allows the study of the assembly, the replacement of damaged components, the repair and testing of the device and allows up to three students to perform different actions at the same time.




The Assembly of a Shut-Off Valve Unit, "ASV", is a globe valve with bellows supplied in a carrying case that also includes a manual with two-dimensional plans, drawing of individual parts and drawing of the whole unit, the main parts list and the regulations related to the manufacturing materials. The unit is supplied with a specific set of tools for the valve.

The valve includes a body made of cast iron, a hand wheel with epoxy finish, a clamp cover, a packing gland frame, a taper and a spindle. It includes a set of gaskets, bolts and nuts with their corresponding identification. The gasket is made of graphite and the guide is made of carbon steel. The shaft is made of stainless steel.

This unit allows the student to gain knowledge about the installation of a valve and about the mounting and breaking up of this type of devices. It also guides the student in the knowledge of the different elements of the valve, the gland sealing method, the function of the gaskets and the testing of this type of devices. At the same time, it allows for studying and understanding industrial plans, together with the identification of the components in an industrial drawing.

Additionally, the unit is supplied with a manual pump and two flange connections to perform the corresponding leak test.



  1. Identification of the valve in an industrial diagram. Introduction to industrial plans understanding (PFD and PID).
  2. Identification of the industrial components in an industrial drawing (plan of the whole, the individual parts and exploded view).
  3. Identification of the main components of a shut-off valve: gaskets, guide, wheel, seat, etc.
  4. Operation of a shut-off valve.
  5. Study of the tightness with the gland sealing principle.
  6. Study and assembly of a shut-off valve.
  7. Study and understanding of the maintenance of a shut-off valve. Replacement of the main components, repair and disassembly.


  1. Leak test.