Descrição Geral

The BSPC is a complete unit designed to provide signal conditioning for many sensors and transducers output signals that must be conditioned before a data acquisition system can effectively and accurately acquire the signal. These circuits consist of differential and instrumentation amplifiers, filters, current to voltage and frequency to voltage converters, etc., developed for transducers such as potentiometers, RTD’s, thermocouples, strain gauge bridges, etc.

The BSPC also includes a PID controller, industrial controller, DC Dimer and other interesting elements that can be used to introduce students the concepts about process control.

The sensors connect to the base unit and with power supplies through 2 mm terminals located in the front panel of each test module. The test modules may operate independently one of another.

EDIBON Computer Control System (SCADA), formed by:

  • Control interface is integrated into the box of the base unit (BSPC).
  • Data acquisition board to be installed in a computer slot.
  • Computer Control Software.



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