FME36 Rotameter


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The FME36 module is a variable area flowmeter with float.

This type of flowmeter can be used for flow rate measurements in almost all media.

The operation mode of this flowmeter is based on the fact that if a medium is flowing upwards at a sufficient rate of flow through a vertically mounted tube, the float is raised to the point at which a state of equilibrium sets between the lifting force of the medium and the weight of the float. Since the mean rate of flow is proportional to the quantity flowing through per unit of time, this state of equilibrium corresponds to the measurement of the instantaneous flow rate.

An additional advantage of this type of flowmeter is that it does not require minimum straight sections of pipe, therefore it can also be installed directly before or after elbows and valves since the pressure loss is low.

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  1. Flow measurement.


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