FME34 Fluid Statics and Manometry


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This module has been designed to study static fluids and manometry. It provides the user an introduction to the behaviour of liquids under hydrostatic conditions (fluids at rest) and to the application of those principles in the pressure measurement by using different manometric tubes.

It allows the user to demonstrate the properties of Newtonian fluids and to understand a wide range of basic principles before studying fluids in motion.

연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. To study the basic principles of hydrostatics and to demonstrate the behaviour of liquids at rest.
  2. To use manometer tubes to measure differential pressure.
  3. To use a manometer tube to measure head.
  4. To use a ‘U’ tube manometer to measure pressure differences in a gas (air over liquid).
  5. To use a U-shaped manometer for determining the differential pressure.
  6. To use liquids with different densities to change the ‘U’ tube manometer sensitivity.
  7. To use an inverted pressurized ‘U’ tube manometer to measure pressure differences in a liquid.
  8. To use an inclined manometer with different inclinations.
  9. Level measurement using Vernier hook and point gauge.
  10. To measure the liquid level using a scale.
  11. Demonstrating that the level of a free surface is not affected by the size or shape of the tube.
  12. Use of a piezometric tube to measure pressure.
  13. Observing the effect of a liquid in motion (losses due to friction).


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