MINI-EESF/M Photovoltaic Solar Energy Modular Unit (Intermediate Version)


연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. Determination of the constituent material of the solar cell.
  2. Determination of the I-V first quadrant curve without illuminating the solar cell.
  3. Determination of the inverse (or saturation) current of the cell without illumination.
  4. Determination of parallel and series resistance of a solar cell without illumination.
  5. Dependency of the open circuit voltage (V ) with lumens oc (luminous flux).
  6. Determination of the parameters that describe the quality of solar cell.
  7. Solar energy measurement.
  8. Measurement of the solar panel voltage with no load.
  9. Determination of the disposition of cells in a solar panel.
  10. Familiarisation with the regulator parameters.
  11. Loads connection to 12 Volts DC.
  12. Loads connection to 220 Volts AC.
  13. Battery charging.
  14. Practices of string (Minimun 2 units MINI-EESF/M or 1 unit PSA/PC required).

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