AE-PLC-APB Bottle Opening Workstation


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The "AE-PLC-APB" is a bottles opening system commanded by a PLC.

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The "AE-PLC-APB" is a bottles opening system commanded by a PLC. The unit is equipped with different containers and a retention system based on a cylinder, in order to allow the Robotic Arm Workstation "AE-BR" or the SCARA Arm Workstation "AE-SCA" removes the caps of the bottles that arrive to the workstation and empty them. The "AE-PLC-APB" contains different sensors to ensure the correct opening of the bottles.

The "AE-PLC-APB" workstation has been designed as a modular system to facilitate the understanding of the equipment operation:

  • The PLC: is composed of an AE-PLCB that contains an HMI device, analog and digital input/output modules, etc, and the required extra modules to put into operation the workstation successfully.
  • The control panel: emergency stop push button switch, start/stop button, reset button, light indicator to show the state of the workstation, etc.
  • The workstation: is composed of real components used by the industrial automatic conveyor systems such as: capacitive sensors, limit switch sensors, position sensor, etc.

The "AE-PLC-APB" is designed to work with the "AE-BR" unit or the "AE-SCA". The "AE-PLC-APB" is also included in several Flexible Manufacturing systems*.

*The Flexible manufacturing systems product list is available at the "60.-MECHATRONICS, AUTOMATION AND COMPUMECHATRONICS" area.

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