Automotive electronics is the branch of electronic engineering focused exclusively on the development of electrical and electronic systems specially designed to be installed in the car. All the systems developed in automotive electronics are adapted to withstand the harsh operation conditions in a car.

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Nowadays, the electronic systems installed in cars are responsible for a great variety of tasks, such as the engine management system through the engine control unit or ECU, the injection system, the anti-lock braking system or ABS, the anti-slip regulation or ASR, the electronic brakeforce distribution or EBD, the electronicstability program or ESP, the airbag system, the lighting system, the cabin comfort system, etc. All these systems have contributed to improve safety, efficiency, comfort and reduce pollution emitted by cars.

The future of automotive electronics is promising due to the increasing incorporation of electronics in automobiles with the introduction of the connected car concept (with the user's phone and the internet), with the growing expansion of the hybrid vehicle or electric car (in which the management of the battery and the car propulsion is electronically done), and especially with the development and implementation of the autonomous car or self-driving car, where a large number of sensors of different types and a powerful and robust processing unit are required to carry out the autonomous driving of the vehicle safely.

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