M3/KIT Semiconductors I. Kit


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Characteristics of the PN junction:

  1. Study of the diode.
  2. Fault Study in Diodes.

The diode as a Rectifier element:

  1. Half wave rectifier.
  2. Study of faults in Rectifier circuit.
  3. Bridge rectifier.
  4. Study of faults in bridge rectifier.

The Zener diode:

  1. Voltage regulator with a Zener diode.
  2. Study of faults in Zener circuit.

Study and characteristics of the transistor:

  1. Study of the transistor.
  2. Study of fault in the transistor.

Transistor characteristics operating as a switch:

  1. Study of the transistor as a switch.

Common emitter amplifier:

  1. Study of the common emitter NPN amplifier.
  2. Fault study in Amplifier circuit.
  3. Study of the common emitter PNP amplifier.

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