SCSP Pressure Sensors Calibration System


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The Pressure Sensors Calibration System, "SCSP", is a unit with a very simple operation that allows to carry out different experiments which require measuring the pressure accurately, being it negative or positive..

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The Pressure Sensors Calibration System, "SCSP", is mainly composed of two pressure manometers on one hand, one measuring up to 1000 millimeters of water or 100 millibars and the other one measuring up to 2.5 bars and on the other hand, two vacuum gages or negative pressure manometers measuring up to 100 and 1000 millibars.

Furthermore, it includes a graduated cylinder which is used to measure water pressure in millimeters, and at the same time it allows to check the correct calibration of the unit’s manometers.

Finally, there is a syringe on the other side to both inject pressure and create vacuum.

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  1. Pressure measurements with a pressure gauge.
  2. Pressure measurements with a vacuum gauge.
  3. Pressure measurements in water column.
  4. Calibration of pressure gauges.


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