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The Microwave Unit "EMI", designed by EDIBON, allows to study different microwave waveguide configurations for introduce students the main concepts about microwave communications through waveguide and antennas systems.

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The Microwave Unit "EMI" integrates a microwaves measuring test bench formed by microwaves generator, a kit of different standardized(WR-90) waveguides devices (horns antennas, attenuators, etc) and measure devices for complete the set of practices (Power-meter,Slotted line, etc).

This unit includes different components to conform many configurations of the microwave test bench, including an aerial microwaves link,Hybrid Tees's configurations, determination of unknown impedance, etc, all of them are full explained in the set of practices.

The "EMI" allows the familiarization and experimentation with essential measurements in microwaves systems: power emission, attenuation,matched and mismatched loads, gain of a horn antenna, frequency, wavelength, stationary wave (SWR), impedance, operation with Smithchart, etc.

연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. Familiarization with the microwave unit.
  2. Power emission measurement.
  3. Study of different fixed attenuators and variable attenuators.
  4. Calibration of variable attenuators.
  5. Wavelength, frequency and SWR measurement with thewaveguide slotted line.
  6. Basic principles of Smith chart.
  7. Calculation of impedance, admittance and reflectioncoefficient, with the Smith chart.
  8. Calculation of impedance, admittance and reflectioncoefficient for different terminations, with the Smith chart.
  9. Comparison between matched and mismatched loads.
  10. Study of the Broad-wall Waveguide Directional Coupler.
  11. Study of the Cross-guide Waveguide Directional Coupler.
  12. Study of the Hybrid Tee.
  13. Measure of power emission in free space.
  14. Measure of wavelength, frequency and SWR measurement infree space.
  15. Radiation pattern of a horn antenna.
  16. Study of gain and directivity of a horn antenna (dBi).
  17. Reflectance and absorbance of metallic and resistive plates.

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