EMAN Butter Maker Teaching Unit


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The Butter Maker Teaching Unit, "EMAN", has been designed to introduce the user into the butter making process, a process that has basically remained the same from its origins.

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The Butter Maker Teaching Unit, "EMAN", has been designed to provide practical training in the manufacture of butter.

The main element is a 25 l capacity tank made of stainless steel. At the top, a cover made of stainless steel with four catches closes the tank. The cover has a transparent sight glass to check the state of the product inside.

A four-blade stirrer located inside the tank will churn the product.

The motor is the most important element of the unit, since it makes the inner blades rotate. This motor is controlled by two switches, a green one to start it and another one to stop it.

The unit also includes a safety system that blocks the blades when the upper cover is not correctly fit.

A knob allows the release of the blades to facilitate the cleaning of the tank.

연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. Production of butter from different types of liquid cream.
  2. Production of butter by different methods with analytical and qualitative resolutions.
  3. Temperature study and agitation during the process.
  4. "Phase inversion" of the oil/water emulsion which occurs in churning.
  5. Thermodynamic evolution analysis of the butter production process.
  6. Study of the influence of the process time on the final product.
  7. Study of the influence of the turning speed on the final product quality.

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