UDDB Batch Distillation Unit


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The Batch Distillation Unit, "UDDB", designed by EDIBON, is a powerful laboratory tool for the study of variables affecting the distillation process. The student can investigate the principles that govern the transfer of matter and energy, as well as determine the optimum operating point for carrying out a large number of separations.

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일반적인 설명

The Batch Distillation Unit, "UDDB", is basically composed by a boiler on which different types of interchangeable columns can be adapted (plate columns and Raschig Rings column). An eight plate column, a reflux system and a tank for the distillation are included.

The steam that goes to the head of the column is sent to a total condenser. The cooling water flow that crosses the condenser is regulated and indicated in a flow meter.

The pressure loss in the column can be measured with a manometer.

The temperatures of the system are measured by temperature sensors placed in strategic positions.

연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. Preparation of solutions.
  2. Analytic valuation techniques.
  3. Filling of the column.
  4. Batch operation.
  5. Obtaining the McCabe-Thiele diagram. Without reflux.
  6. Obtaining the number of plates. Without reflux.
  7. Efficiency calculations. Without reflux.
  8. Variation of the composition of the distilled product: constant reflux ratio.
  9. Constant composition of the distilled product: variation of reflux ratio.
  10. Constant composition of the distilled product: constant reflux ratio.
  11. Mass and energy balances across the system.
  12. Plates fluid dynamics studies, including load loss and column flooding.
  13. Calculation of the theoretical number of floors in the plates columns, and the equivalent height of the theoretical floor (HEPT) in the Raschig rings columns.
  14. Pursuit of the temperatures in all plates in the column (Plates columns).
  15. Study of the rectification efficiency.
  16. Demonstration of azeotropic distillation.
  17. Studies of heating interchange in glass refrigerators

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