N-EM-CCO Sluice Gate Control


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"N-EM-CCO" represents a sluice gate control system.

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일반적인 설명

The "N-EM" are a series of emulators that provide the students the required hardware to emulate the most common automatic systems.

The "N-EM" modules are designed to work with the "AE-PLC" units to obtain the fundamental knowledge of PLC programing, PLC management, etc.

"N-EM-CCO" represents a sluice gate control system. The sluice system is composed by three sluice gates, and we have to control them using the water pumps and the gates control. The switches and pushbuttons emulate the state of the sluice doors, the level sensors of each tanks, the state of the presence sensors, etc.

연습 및 가이드

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All "N-EM" modules allow to perform the following practical exercises:

  1. Temporization.
  2. Counting.
  3. Sequential counting.
  4. All the practical exercises include the diagrams and the flow charts of the example programs used.


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