AE-PLC-CTCA AC Conveyor Belt Workstation


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The "AE-PLC-CTCA" is an AC powered conveyor system commanded by a PLC.

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The "AE-PLC-CTCA" is an AC powered conveyor system commanded by a PLC. The "AE-PLC-CTCA" is composed by a conveyor, 4 position sensors to stop the conveyor at different positions, motor positioner, AC motor driver and three-phased motor to a complete control of the conveying.

The "AE-PLC-CTCA" workstation has been designed as a modular system to facilitate the understanding of the equipment operation:

    • The PLC: is composed by the CPU PLC unit and all the extra modules needed to perform a correct working of the workstation.
    • The control panel: with start/stop button, emergency pushbutton, reset button, light indicators to show current state of the process, etc.
    • The workstation: is composed by real components used by the industrial automatic conveyor systems such as: capacitive sensors, limit switch sensors, position sensor, etc.

The "AE-PLC-CTCA" workstation that can work alone and/or in conjunction with other workstations to make up a complete Flexible Manufacturing system*.

*The Flexible manufacturing systems product list is available at "Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)" area of the general catalogue.

연습 및 가이드

매뉴얼에 포함 된 가이드 실기 연습

  1. Introduction to flexible manufacturing system (FMS).
  2. Study of the sensor detection.
  3. Manual control of an AC conveyor.
  4. Automatic control of an AC conveyor.
  5. Change the parameters of the conveyor system.
  6. Optimize the process time.
  7. Study the faults inserted in the process with the fault generation module.

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