BLIO Freeze Dryer



The Freeze Dryer, "BLIO", allows the study of the entire process of freeze drying in a compact unit.

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General Description

The Freeze-Dryer, "BLIO", is able to carry out the freeze-drying process for the drying of different products inside a transparent chamber that allows the control of the pressure, and on heatable trays that allow to control the temperature of the product.

Once the frozen sample has been introduced into the working chamber, EDIBON’s freeze-drying equipment allows the pressure to be reduced in a controlled way thanks to the vacuum pump that is included with the equipment. In this way, it is possible to directly sublimate the humidity contained in the product introduced into the chamber. Furthermore, the tray supports incorporate electrical resistances that allow a progressive increase in temperature to guarantee optimum drying of the product.

The sublimated solvent passes to the condenser where it is retained in the form of ice due to the low temperatures and is evacuated as liquid water at the end of the process.

The freeze-drying equipment "BLIO" allows to control the operation conditions: pressure, product temperature and operation time.

The control, monitoring and recording of the process variables are carried out through an integrated PLC that incorporates a touch screen for data visualization. Thus it is possible to compare the freeze-drying process of different products and find out the influence of each of the operating parameters. Furthermore, if the optimal freeze-drying values of a product are known, it is possible to pre-program the equipment to carry out a fully automated operation.

Exercises and guided practices


  1. Study of the freeze drying process.
  2. Study of the influence of the heating temperature in the freeze drying process.
  3. Study of the influence of the pressure in the freeze drying process.
  4. Evaluations of the freeze drying time necessary for each product.
  5. Study of the influence of the condenser temperature in the freeze drying process.
  6. Calculation of the amount of solvent removed from the solid.



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